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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 29, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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to the studios in atlanta we're going there, and dallas. this is "dish nation." hey, welcome to "dish nation." we're in atlanta. >> what up. >> hey. >> jenna is out in l.a. being brutally murdered today. >> for a movie. >> we still have a lot of great stuff today. later on, camel bell talks to us
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about his new show. and an exciting recap of last night's episode of empire. after releasing lemonade which we talked about a lot. for calling out jay z's alleged cheating ways. she kicked off her formation tour in miami last night and closed the show by dedicating her song halo to jay z. she said, to my beautiful husband, i love you so much. >> it's a lot of broken hearts out there, honey, a lot of girls stepped into this formation and lost their men. here is beyonce, honoring her husband. >> she was never mad at him in the first place. >> thank you. this was a publicity stunt. >> where was jay z, sitting front and center, which has led people to believe the hint of trouble was the marketing ploy we've been talking about. >> you think he's going to sit front row to her roasting him the whole time?
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>> maybe he's just really whipped. >> oh, no no no no no no no no. >> that dude was a player. the last place he would be would be in her concert. >> that's perfect time for side chicken. >> side chicken. >> how about helping me up. >> guess what, you guys, beyonce is hating on them haters too. she sold $45 t-shirts that read boycott beyonce. >> that's how you really turn lexens into lemonade. >> you take that energy, you at. >> with the show being in miami. the message was clearly being set to the miami police department, because when the super bowl performance came out, they said, we need to have the police union's boycott beyonce. >> she does the right thing, she will give it to the police support fund and whatever.
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>> i know. >> i wouldn't give them a back seat ticket to the last row outside in the parking lot. >> that's not. >> that was the brat that said, i love the police. oh, plan. >> i don't want to get stopped on my way home. >> they started a group, brothers without attitude. >> yeah, right. >> love the police. >> straight from the underground, everybody. >> tiger woods. bryant gumbel. >> that's too good. >> he has his eye on a brand new video game. first mobil gaming venture. it's called nigh row nation stories. the users will be able to change gears simply in an event to
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oppose their opponent. >> is it where one side of the screen is blacked out and the other side is -- >> to re-create a blind spot? >> exactly. >> here's the most important thing you need to know, it's set to release worldwide in the google play stores many it will be on the iphone. moving on. great news, guys. love is a lot and well. in case she was wondering about the status of iggy azalea. apparently they're all good, iggy stopped him from making a huge mistake. you hating on him? >> no, i just wasn't worried about the status of their relationship. >> somebody has to not care. nick will get a big tattoo on his back. she noticed something wasn't right. take a look at this. >> so she tweeted, guys, i want to let you know, nick can't spell. and if it wasn't for the love i have for him, he would have born reble tattooed across his back.
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>> the tattoo artist can't spell either? >> maybe, it was french, born reble. >> french? >> yes, very h very fancy, we're not fancy enough. >> a true rebel would misspell rebel. >> that's right, you ain't got nothing on me. >> don't try to cover up for this man. >> i think a lot of people go through this on a regular basis. they're putting the chinese stuff on their arm. you don't know what they're saying. >> no idea. >> what you do, you consult with a japanese person or chinese. >> smart people do. i didn't. >> i have no idea what's on my body. it's back here, i don't know what it said. >> that's what they said. >> i have it -- >> i checked mine several times with different nail techs. >> oh. >> i want to know who the tattoo artist is. that's not nba player quality.
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>> thank you. >> it was fantasia. >> well, miley cyrus got herself a brand new tattoo. >> really? >> yeah. check this out. she captioned it, little bb jupiter. the problem with that is, that's not jupiter. >> yeah, we're jupiter, that would be saturn which is known for its rings. a lot of people were quick to point that out. she named the wrong planet. she changed her caption to herma skin [ bleep ]. >> oh, wow! >> it's not -- >> you know what i think when i see that? that is yc material right there. >> i wouldn't damage my body with a tattoo. >> don't start that press. >> it's too late anyway. you're too old. you're too wrinkled.
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your body is pure now, gone and go. >> last night was another sizzling episode of empire. so much went down yesterday. it's good to see cookie back in form last night. she's still upset about lucious. but she's not feeling it on harper. >> this woman has a tracking device in your sock or something. this woman got a letter saying, it smells fishy in here. >> we were eating lobster for lunch. >> i'm sure. >> i'm free tonight. how about i have my dessert later. >> i'll send the car. >> all right. >> you might want to send some vinegar and water. >> you know that's for douching, right? >> no, i didn't. i just laughed because everyone else was laughing. >> she didn't even want him.
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she doesn't want this girl around. >> we haven't seen those types of reasons in a long time. it's fierce when a girl reads you quickly, quietly. >> i got you, baby. i will finish. >> okay. >> this lady is only interested in doing an exclusive on lucious. she pretty much interested in doing lucious. last night it had one of the craziest love scenes i've seen on tv. >> like that? >> only if you mean it. >> i see you like to be in
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charge. >> i'm going to go ahead and say, if anybody out there ever wants to do me in anyway, i just have one request, don't slap me, okay? i don't want to be slapped. >> also, don't choke me. >> you choke and slap your man like that after sex. >> after? that's called foreplay. >> let me just say, there is something to be said for a well placed spank. that's very different. >> that was freaky. i was in the kitchen, i had to come back in the room like what's going on here. >> you see all that flipping around he was doing with her? you can't do that with a girl like me. >> how do we flip porsche over? >> you get a spatula. >> you got to get under there.
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>> pulley. maybe a winch. >> not a witch. >> a winch. >> typical style. >> no, i did not. i did not. no, i did not. coming up, we sit down with comedian w.comabell as he tells us all about his new show, unununew show, united shades of america. dish nation is brought to you by chiles much enjoy lunchtime on your time with lunch combos starting at 6 bucks. ♪ and tap, swipe, and go. ♪ we gonna have some fun now thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there.
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. big dish nation welcome to one of the most intelligent comedians in the gang. the united shades of america, thanks, gentlemen. >> too much, thank you. thank you. >> well -- what am i doing here. >> you go across the country and use your comedy to get your conversation going. how the differences unite and divide us straight out the gate. you went some places where the typical person wouldn't be interested in going. >> i took a camera crew with me, so i wasn't going by myself. i went there to try to see if i could figure out what was going on with the klan. you guys know the klan exists. a lot of people in this country think they're a relic of the
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mast and they're not worth talking about. i wanted to see what was going on. >> you took the camera crew with you. you thought the person you were going to meet was by themselves. they have a crew too. >> i know i know i know i know i know. 6 i would have stood back and watched the fireworks. like a springer episode in the '90s. >> there was a -- we went to the heart of the thin. and talked to people. i was terrified. why didn't you say more to them? >> i was scared. why weren't you funnier there? because i was afraid. >> what are some other places you visited that we'll see on the show. >> we take a big left turn and go from kkk to san quentin in marin county, california. i was looking into going there for different reasons. >> i never visited a prison before. i had never been in a prison. that's my favorite episode of the season. i went to east l.a. to talk about the demographic.
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>> to be in these extremely different scenarios. which one you really felt like it challenged you the most as a comedian. to where you had to really dig for the comedy? >> the klan episode was hard. >> i didn't think it was going to be hard. those guys are all funny. they have a good sense of humor about it. >> you keep some very interested comedy healthy. >> chris rock, right? >> he's like my foul mouthed yoda. >> i'm luke skywalker and he's the jed die. >> his humor is similar to me. >> i have worked with him a bunch of times, opened for him more times than i can count. that was one of the -- the stuff he's doing after he got back from south africa. he's the greatest comedian of all time, period. >> semiprominent negro. >> how about that.
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>> i've been on tv a little bit. i find myself in position where they don't answer the phone call, they get to me. i'm semiprominent negro. >> everyone has a doppelganger, right? let's just say, if there were some instruments around. put you in front of some drums. we should be able to do what questlove does, and would questlove be able to do what you do? >> i can't do anything he does. >> that's hard. >> you can't even think of questlove. that's amazing. >> i can't even tweet as well as he can. he's got the whole thing down. >> united shades of america, 10:00 p.m.
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hi, we are miguel and holly from hot 101.5 in tampa. >> kesh shah is back. this is confirmed by zed via twitter yesterday afternoon. she's working with him on that song true colors that she did
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with him at coachella about she got the go ahead from the record label to work with him. >> i want to celebrate for cash ya. >> we should all pour one out. speaking of music news, drake's new album drops tomorrow. everyone's having so much fun with the cover art, because there's a tiny drake on it. you can move it around and do whatever you want about. >> we need to put tim on the sky way bridge in tampa. we'll put a tiny little drake on we'll put a tiny little drake on your head. padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest.
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welcome back to dish nation. we have a dish nation exclusive. >> all right. all right. you all remember the spice girls. mel b and victoria beckham are not speaking to each other. man, according to an insider, it has to do with the comments mel b made about victoria beckham's husband. >> that's against the law. >> allegedly in a pod cast interview, she said if she was in a bathroom with david beckham, she would take a look at his private parts. >> any woman, even her mother would make that statement. i mean, that's -- >> you said it jokingly.
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>> they found the comments disrespectful and crude. she's decided to completely distance herself from mel b and is no longer speaking to her. >> do you think it's weird to talk about your friend's husband's joint. >> i think you find my man sexy. that's kind of a compliment. >> jay z's wife is very sexy. i think she has a nice butt and boobs. >> you know what, she does. >> that's cool. >> it means you think about her. i don't like this, you're thinking about her, when he's not around. i don't like that. >> if you're using the bathroom next to any celebrity, you're going to want to peek. >> i peeked at jason alexander's junk when we were in a mexico bathroom. he was on "seinfeld" i wanted to take a little peek.
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>> don't miss our show, we put jennifer aniston on the hot seat about being a mom. we may have found somebody hotter than a hemsworth next. we all know the story of noah's ark, not him, actual noah from the bible. god thought there was too much vanity, and evil in the world, so he flooded the earth. a full-sized replica of noah's famous arc was built and opened in 2012. it's 70 feet tall, 90 feet wide and 427 feet long. it's classified as a building. it's filled with stuffed and plastic animals to replicate the whole thing. it was built according to the exact specifications of the book of genesis. movie theater and restaurant. i don't think noah had any of those things. johan plans to share his work by taking the arc to brazil.
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just one problem, it doesn't actually sale. in order to get it to the netherlands to brazil it would have to be put on t
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welcome back to dish nation, if you want to start off your friday with big laughs, tune in tomorrow with key and peele. but if you're craving a little eye candy right now. have you come to the right place. let's play, who's the hottie. >> i love this game, girl. >> you embarrass me so much when you play this around me. >> here's the clue. hemsworth. >> they're out surfing. >> you're close. one of them is chris hemsworth, but on the left is chris and liam's dad craig. >> i thought that was vice president joe biden.
12:28 am
>> talk about everything but a face. >> fruit don't fall far from the tree there, i guess. >> they just finished surfing in australia. i think dad's holding up pretty well about. >> he looks nice. >> i'm going to get me a surf board, just walk around with it. >> it does instantly make you hotter. carrying a surf board and a guitar. it's instantly hotter. >> not if you're carrying a big belly. >> it still helps. >> he's going to look like he's taking it on the table.
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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> selfie. in the united states. >> how can i help you? >> yes, ma'am. >> i don't know what you're saying, sir. >> exactly what i thought. what is mcdonald's doing? tonight in a special "chasing news" i chased a hard news investigation to find out what and why. >> okay.


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